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UK company to build counter threat centre of excellence with Thai Defence Technology Institute

UK company to build counter threat centre of excellence with Thai Defence Technology Institute

The Defence Technology Institute (DTI), a Thai government organisation, has signalled its intent to become a world leader in countering current and emerging security threats, with the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the UK security and defence company, Arturius International and local representative, GCS Group Corporation Company.

Under the terms of the MOA, the Counter Threat Centre of Excellence will be founded, And Arturius will work closely with the DTI to analyse the threat landscape faced in Thailand, to develop policy and doctrine, and to assess optimal training and technology needs.

The COE will integrate Counter Terror (CT), Counter Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) and Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS) to build a common understanding and effective resistance strategies across all branches of Thai defence and law enforcement.

Air Chief Marshal Preecha Pradabmook, Director-General of the DTI said, “The market value of UAS worldwide in 2020, cited by PricewaterhouseCoopers, will be as high as 4.4 trillion Baht, especially in the infrastructure sector. UAS can be the significant threat, the danger of which every country is aware. Without proper protection, UAS can impact on the security of Kingdom of Thailand, and can violate privacies of Thai people as a wole. DTI hopes that this cooperation with Arturius and GCS will lead to the advancement of various innovations and the awareness of the progress of science and technology in Thailand.”

The growing threats posed by attack and surveillance drones and unmanned aerial systems have driven C-UAS to the top of the Thai government’s priority list, so the COE’s first department is tasked with identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities in that area.

The COE will deliver cutting edge training and equipment instruction to Thai security personnel and conduct research and development into emerging counter threat technologies through close cooperation with military partners and leading academic institutions.

The expertise Arturius will share with the COE is built on decades of experience working with global militaries and government agencies from across the counter threat environment.

Stuart Ball, CEO of Arturius International, said “The Centre of Excellence will play an extremely important role in creating capability and devising responses to dynamic and evolving threats faced by Thailand and its neighbours. We are honoured to work with the DTI and cannot wait for Arturius to demonstrate the world leading experience, knowledge and technology we can deploy to enhance the safety and security of Thailand and its people.”

As the primary hub for counter threat defence expertise, the DTI CT COE will expand the capabilities and improve the interoperability of the Thai Armed Forces. The Centre will act as a catalyst for CT adaptation and operations by supporting the development, promotion and implementation of new policies, concepts, strategies and doctrines.

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