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DALO awards 11-years framework agreement to Danish company IFAD TS A/S

DALO awards 11-years framework agreement to Danish company IFAD TS A/S

The Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO) has extended its long-term cooperation with IFAD TS A/S through a new eleven-year’s framework agreement. With this agreement, IFAD will be a main supplier to DALO regarding development and sustainment of simulation environments for training operational skills within all divisions of the Danish Ministry of Defence

Through the agreement, DALO is secured access to the latest simulation technology, training system expertise, operational knowledge, and support until the end of 2030.

The agreement secures DALO continued operation and modernization of the existing simulation environments at training centers within the Danish Ministry of Defence. These environments include several solutions that are in use by the Danish Army, Air Force, Navy and Special Commands.

Simulation-based solutions provided by IFAD include F-16 pilot training, Seahawk helicopter crew training, Forward Air Controller Close Air Support and Artillery Observer Call for Fire training, Naval Warfare tactical training, Naval Search & Rescue training, Radio Communication training, and link and gateway solutions that enable simulator interoperability and joint cross domain training.

Through this framework agreement, DALO’s demand for future development of other military simulationbased training environments, that will meet the needs of Denmark’s military armed forces, is secured.

“This is an important milestone. We are looking very much forward to our continued co-operation with DALO and to maintain our common goal, which is to provide the best possible training environments to our troops”, Benny Graff Mortensen, President and CEO of IFAD said.

“We are committed to maintaining our technology and expertise to the benefit of our military users, and thanks to many years of outstanding co-operation and support from DALO we are confident that we will meet DALO’s needs for leading-edge training solutions.”

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