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Growth in demand for Defence data-driven decision support reflected in 30% increase in Techmodal sta

Growth in demand for Defence data-driven decision support reflected in 30% increase in Techmodal staffing levels

UK-based data-driven decision support consultancy and technology company Techmodal has experienced such a large growth in demand for its services by the likes of the Ministry of Defence and Army HQ that it has had to increase its staff by 30% in the last year.

Founded in 2005 by PhD students Martin Jonik and David Evans, Techmodal now has a thriving team employing more than 90 data scientists, systems analysts, cost modellers, software developers and consultants.

Techmodal’s roots are in the Defence sector where it is a trusted partner of the MOD. However, the company also applies its expertise in data analysis and problem solving to the commercial world, working with other consultancies and manufacturers and a specialist partner. Working in the public sector Techmodal has also built a reputation in large scale procurement and infrastructure process optimisation.

Sarah Trevelion, Talent Manager at Techmodal commented: “We’re delighted that we have been able to create so many exciting new jobs and nurture such talented individuals. It’s truly exciting to see them develop their innovative ideas into ingenious solutions as a result of the autonomy we provide them at Techmodal HQ. This period of rapid growth is testament to the great work everyone in the business is doing and we’re looking forward to having it continue.”

The Bristol based company promotes a young and diverse workforce, recruiting both graduates and non-graduates from a variety of disciplines. Techmodal also believes in challenging its people with early responsibility, promoting when ready and fostering a supportive environment.

Another key part of the company’s culture is to foster closer teamwork and a positive lifestyle by encouraging its people to socialise and take part in activities outside work. Techmodal recently fielded multiple teams at the Stourhead Immortal triathlon race in Wiltshire this year with one team finishing first in the relay event.

Techmodal has worked with Army HQ and Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) for more than ten years, developing innovative decision support solutions in the Land domain to identify millions of pounds of savings in the Army’s supply chain.

As a result, interest in Techmodal’s solutions is growing in other domains and the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force are now also important clients, resulting in the company’s expansion.

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