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Broadcast Solutions and NEP The Netherlands join forces for deployment of large 24 camera UHD OB Tru

Broadcast Solutions and NEP The Netherlands join forces for deployment of large 24 camera UHD OB Truck

Broadcast Solutions GmbH, Europe’s largest OB Truck manufacturer, joins forces with the leading outsourced technical production partner NEP The Netherlands (NEP) to deploy a large 24 camera UHD OB Truck. The new OB Truck, named UHD 2, adds to NEP Europe’s fleet by following a similar one (UHD 1), Broadcast Solutions delivered earlier to NEP in Sweden. The two new OB trucks, which can be deployed in any European country, are the largest mobile production tools in NEP Europe’s fleet, giving them the flexibility to realise productions with over 24 cameras and operating many different types of cameras.

Since the demand for UHD (and HDR) productions grows across Europe, NEP in the Netherlands opted for UHD 2 as a similar new built to ease the exchange of technology and human resources.

During the planning phase, the NEP engineering teams in Sweden and the Netherlands together with Broadcast Solutions used UHD 1 as a blueprint for developing UHD 2 by adding new technology and changing workflow designs where appropriate.

Theo Stam, Lead Solutions Consultant at NEP The Netherlands, on the new OB Truck: “With the UHD 2, NEP the Netherlands adds a unique OB Truck not only to the Dutch market but it will be a nice addition to NEP’s entire European fleet. As UHD 2 is built on the same blueprint as UHD 1 both trucks can be combined to function as one of the biggest OB facilities in Europe but the two trucks can also work together as each other’s backup. Something which is required on big events like the European Song Contest or the Ice Hockey World Championships. I would like to thank Broadcast Solutions for the smooth operation and cooperation.”

The spacious UHD 2 currently works with 24 UHD cameras and provides 27 workplaces. The trailer comes as a double-expando (one large expansion spanning the full length of the trailer) and offers over 45 m2 of working space plus VIP accommodation with extra-large UHD screens. Workspace and workplace concepts emphasis on flexibility and maximum leverage of equipment and workforce, therefore slomo, graphics or editor positions can be assigned to different desks individually.

The OB Truck as a whole is designed for the largest productions and excels with a large variety of monitors in the production area (5x 48”, 1x 30” and 4x 24” and 4x 23”) and comprises 8x slomo desks with access to 6x EVS XT4 servers. For video switching and management NEP opted for Grass Valley LDX 86N cameras and Karrera video switchers, for both production areas. Riedel’s MicroN platform provides flexible video switching, multiviewing and digital glue options; a proven concept that Broadcast Solutions has already deployed in several OB Trucks priory developed. The Riedel MicroN solutions offer the users more flexibility with less space plus IP-based interconnectivity and accessibility options from remote, fuelled by three Riedel Mediornet video stageboxes added to the OB Truck.

As grand as the overall dimensions of the OB, the audio section excels with a Lawo mc2 56 Mark III audio console with 64 faders including a Nova73 audio matrix, gearing up the OB Truck for large audio productions and offering a large variety of inputs and workflows. No wonder the baptism of fire for the UHD 2 took place with no problems in April, producing an Eros Ramazotti concert at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam with 21 cameras. Recently the UHD 2, together with UHD 1, were on production for the Ice Hockey World Championships in Slovakia.

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