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Elbit Systems to showcase new capabilities and highlight progress and maturity of ongoing capabiliti

Elbit Systems to showcase new capabilities and highlight progress and maturity of ongoing capabilities

Following recent M&As Elbit Systems will present new products in the areas of PGMs, Self-Protection and Commercial Aviation solutions

  • Media event: NATO, OCCAR, Airbus and Elbit Systems will host a media event to discuss the progress of the MMF program and the integration of self-protection capability

  • Debuting at the show: Hermes 45, a long endurance, point launch/recovery STUAS

Elbit Systems display (Display area A-8) will include airborne self-protection solutions, Precision-Guided Munitions, Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) technologies as well as commercial aviation systems.

ISTAR Systems

-Hermes™ 45: a new Small Tactical Unmanned Aircraft Systems (STUAS) offering extended range and duration with point launch and recovery for land and maritime platforms.

-Skylark™ 3: a mini-Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) optimized for dismounted or vehicle-based operations to the division, brigade and battalion levels.

-SPECTRO™XR: an ultra-long range, day/night, multi-spectral EO/ISTAR system for

Airborne Self-Protection

-MUSIC™ family of Direct Infrared Counter Measures (DIRCM) for protection against shoulder launched air to surface missiles

-All-in-small: Full protection and situational awareness in a single extremely small and lightweight LRU

-Solid State Phased Array Transmitter (SSPA) is an Electronic Warfare (EW) transmitter suitable for airborne, ground and naval platforms.

-Flares: an Infra-red (IR) spectral decoy for fixed and rotary wing combat aircraft

-Mini Stand-Alone Missile Protection System (SAMP): is comprised of a mini countermeasure dispenser system and a mini IR decoy flare, capable of defeating most modern IR-seeking MANPADS and air-to-air missiles


-ReDrone: a multi-layered counter-UAS system that enables to detect, identify, track and neutralize multiple drone-type simultaneously

-iSNS (Immune Satellite Navigation Anti-Jamming Systems): an airborne electronic countermeasure system that ensures reliable, non-stop GPS operation.

Commercial Aviation Systems

-InSight™: A display System designed as an integrated flight deck solution, featuring embedded synthetic vision with advanced mapping, electronic charts, and radio control

-ClearVision: a Head-Up Display (HUD) that presents aircraft data over a transparent glass, enabling pilots to fly with out-of-the-window view in critical phases of flight

-ClearVision: an Enhanced Vision System (EVS) for operation and landing in low visibility conditions

-Skylens: a wearable HUD packed in a lightweight, easy-to-install device

-SkyVis: a HUD system that provides helicopter pilots with enhanced situational awareness and a conformal “head up” view in day/night flight

Precision Guided Munitions

-Rampage: a precise and anti-jamming GPS/INS guided missile intended for integration on any aircraft

-MPR500 & LIZARD: a multi-purpose rigid penetration and surface attack bomb featuring a laser-based GPS precision guidance kit

-SkyStriker: a fully autonomous loitering munitions system capable of long-range precise tactical strikes

Airborne Search & Rescue and Communications

-PRC-648 Personal Locator Beacon (PLB): is an advanced over-the-horizon locator, for non-combat search and rescue (SAR) missions, carried in the pilot’s emergency vest

-ELT 648: a variant of the PRC 648 PLB that transforms the PLB into an Emergency Locator Transmitter

-PRC 434/CS: an advanced dual mode long-endurance Personal Rescue Beacon for combat and non-combat Search and Rescue operation

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