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Forsway talks Cloud-Native at ConnecTech Asia with new whitepaper on enabling innovation for the sat

Forsway talks Cloud-Native at ConnecTech Asia with new whitepaper on enabling innovation for the satellite industry

Forsway, a leading provider of innovative solutions and hardware for tapping satellite and existing terrestrial technologies to enable cost-efficient broadband, announced it will be featuring a new whitepaper on Cloud-Native infrastructure for satellite industry at ConnecTech Asia-CommunicAsia 2019. Forsway will be available to talk Cloud-Native for the satellite industry during ConnecTech Asia 2019, Stand #1M4-08, June 18th – 20th, at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Singapore. Copies and more information will be available at the stand.

White paper: "Cloud-Native infrastructure as an innovation enabler for the satellite industry"

In this new white paper, Forsway addresses embracing the cloud and infrastructure-as-a-service as key drivers for growth for the satellite industry. The technology provider predicts that in order to enable a faster pace of innovation and tap new market opportunities, the satellite industry needs to move away from shipping rack- mounted devices to delivering software. For this to happen, satellite teleport operators need to deploy a cloud infrastructure where modern, quickly evolving software-based services can run, and delivering short turnaround times for upgrades.

-Tobias Forsell, CEO, Forsway,” We believe that embracing cloud services in the satellite industry will drive future growth in a somewhat stagnant arena in comparison to innovation coming from the tech industry in the last decade. We will be available to talk about Cloud-Native principles and infrastructure-as-a-service in Singapore this week.”

”At Forsway, we are currently transforming our solution for hybrid satellite/terrestrial broadband connectivity into a cloud-native solution in a project funded by ESA (European Space Agency). ”

Forsway develops and delivers technology and hardware that eliminates the challenges of satellite operators, DTH providers, mobile network operators and telcos who strive to offer broadband in areas where connectivity is an issue - enabling connectivity at a highly affordable price.

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