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The Call of Duty Endowment urges us to support our ex-service personnel on UK Armed Forces Day

The endowment has set an ambitious goal by aiming to place 100,000 ex-service personnel into high quality jobs by 2024 - and we need your help! To support this meaningful cause, we would appreciate if you shared the brand-new Changing Perspectives short-film.

Established in 2009, the Endowment’s initial goal was to identify and fund (through its ‘Seal of Distinction’ programme) best-in-class organisations to place 25,000 ex-service personnel into high quality jobs by the end of 2018. Now in its tenth year of operation, having met that original goal two years early (supporting more than 57,261 placements to date), the Endowment in-part through its expansion to the UK in 2017, has revised its pledge to secure placements for a total of 100,000 by 2024.

Additionally, since 2009, eleven such Endowment grantees including; ‘RFEA – The Forces Employment Charity’ and ‘Walking with the Wounded’ in the UK, have been awarded a total of £28 million in grants, to support their employment programmes. As a result, ninety-three percent of ex-service personnel job placements they have made, were for full-time work, with an 87% six-month retention rate.

Funding for the Endowment predominantly comes from Activision’s direct support, corporate partners and the sale of bespoke Endowment themed ‘Call of Duty’ in-game digital items, most recently the ‘Salute Pack’ available in Black Ops 4. One hundred percent of Activision revenue from these purchases goes towards Endowment grantees, with Activision Blizzard paying for all of the Endowment’s overhead costs. It’s a result of this incredible support from our gaming community that we’ve been able to make such an impact, however, there’s still a long way to go to meet our 100,000 goal, and a role you can help play in bringing greater awareness to this important cause.

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