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Ultralife Corporation lined up for DSEI 2019

Ultralife Corporation lined up for DSEI 2019

Global battery manufacturer Ultralife Corporation, in partnership with its UK subsidiary Accutronics, is making an appearance at this year’s Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) fair at ExCel, London, UK, September 10–13, 2019. A wide array of Ultralife Corporation and Accutronics products will be displayed at stand N3-678 in the Joint Zone.

Held once every two years, DSEI hosts over 1,600 companies looking to deal, liaise and exhibit the latest in defence and security technology. Attendees are organised by their domain — be that security, naval, aerospace, land or a combination (‘joint’) — meaning companies, from multinational conglomerates to small component manufacturers, can network with likeminded partners in their fields.

“Technology is generally becoming more mobile and defence tech is no different.” explains J.D DiGiacomandrea, applications and engineering manager at Ultralife Corporation. “Defence tech must be reliable, meaning that power supplies must be just as dependable as the system they’re integrated into.

“The market for mobile defence tech, like military drones and communications equipment, is expected to more-than double in the next decade, so reliable, ruggedized power supplies are vital in meeting that demand. This is where Ultralife’s experience and expertise in the defence sector greatly benefits defence device manufacturers, making us the ideal choice for military batteries.”

Ultralife Corporation’s stand at the event will showcase samples from the company’s numerous ranges of defence batteries, including its ever-popular MGPP line-up of UBI-2590 lithium-ion batteries. Also on display will be the URB series of sealed lead acid (SLA) replacement batteries, which are ideal for auxiliary power supply systems and remote location power systems. These batteries use a lithium-iron phosphate chemistry (LiFePO4) and boast higher energy density, longer cycle times and greater stability than SLA batteries.

“As the nature of defence changes, the way that soldiers operate remotely is becoming increasingly important,” DiGiacomandrea continued. “To reduce the weight carried by the soldier, Ultralife’s new URB0023 power storage device can be separated into lightweight batteries that can be assembled (up to ten units high) once at the required location. This stackable design provides easily expandable, reliable power. Using the latest lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery chemistry; it is the ideal, modern replacement for aging lead-acid (SLA) batteries often still employed in many defence roles.”

“In addition to URB and UBI-2590 batteries, Ultralife will also be showcasing its wearable lithium-ion battery; the UBBL35. This conformal battery allows any personnel to comfortably carry power for any number of in-the-field applications, such as lighting and communication.”

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