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oneM2M recognises contributions to IoT standards with Technical Excellence Awards

oneM2M recognises contributions to IoT standards with Technical Excellence Awards

Recognising individuals who have significantly contributed to the development and standardisation of the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, oneM2M has today announced that it has awarded three of its members with Technical Excellence Awards.

Held at oneM2M's recent Technical Plenary meeting in Shanghai, China, the Technical Excellence Awards acknowledge the outstanding contributions of individuals to oneM2M’s global IoT specifications, including its upcoming Release 4. The specifications provide a framework to support applications and services such as the smart grid, connected car, home automation, public safety, and health.

The first award was presented to Peter Niblett of IBM, who through his hard work and commitment has driven the oneM2M protocol to new heights, this includes the ownership of one of oneM2M’s most important specifications - TS-0004.

As a Vice Chair of oneM2M’s System Design and Security (SDS) Working Group, and former long-term Chair of the Protocol Working Group, Peter has been leading and actively contributing to oneM2M’s work in the area of the service layer protocol specifications and protocol bindings.

Hyundai Motor’s specialist Youngjin Na, also received an award for initiating and driving oneM2M’s work in the Vehicular Domain sector. With the emergence of 5G fuelling the connected car, this work is of significant importance and Youngjin has gone the extra mile to raise awareness of oneM2M within the car industry.

In addition, In-Song Lee, of KETI was also recognised for adding his specialist knowledge to oneM2M’s IoT testing specifications, which has been highly appreciated by the entire oneM2M community.

“In today’s ultra-connected world, ensuring everyone can benefit from a harmonious IoT ecosystem is at the top of our agenda at oneM2M and this is exactly what these individuals are helping to make a reality,” said Roland Hechwartner, oneM2M’s Technical Plenary Chair. “I would like to share my congratulations with our well-deserved award winners and extend my gratitude to our outstanding members, who are continuing to develop our next set of specifications, Release 4, which will unlock new opportunities in a range of industry domains.”

The accolades come as work on oneM2M’s Release 4 specifications continues to ramp up, which will further build on the interworking capabilities outlined in Release 3. This will support interworking between a range of industry verticals, including smart cities and Industry 4.0.

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