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Ground-breaking CBRN tech launch at DSEI

Ground-breaking CBRN tech launch at DSEI

This September, PELA Systems, specialists in sensor integration, are releasing their latest PELAmesh counter-CBRN scene assessment platform at DSEI, the world’s largest defence exhibition. PELAmesh, the first known platform of this type, revolutionises the way operators on-scene gather data on an incident and surrounding area.

Until now, specialist operators have operated handheld sensors within immediate proximity of a substance or device, placing them at high levels of risk. With PELAmesh connected to the sensor, live data can be wirelessly transmitted to the operator, now situated at a safer distance. This offers the operator the ability to work with other agencies, coordinating efforts with full visibility of the incident scene.

Designed in Wiltshire, UK, PELAmesh combines live sensor data, along with meteorological data from the site, and provides the operator a real-time visual overview of the incident. This increased situational awareness enables operators a greater understanding of the wider incident zone. By using live sensor data, from PELAmesh, to identify the substance, operators can monitor the effect of contamination, thereby protecting the public and other on-scene operators.

PELAmesh features a unique patented design, which has at its heart a fusion of hardware, data encryption and software necessary to deliver live sensor agnostic telemetry in the field.

Highly portable and operational within seconds, PELAmesh has been well received by the British Army, Department for International Trade and other organisations. PELA Systems Founder, Peter Lashbrook has said “we have been delighted by the overwhelming enthusiasm that has been expressed for PELAmesh and the understanding how this can be applied in real-life scenarios”.

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