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Introducing the new outdoor shelters for ModuMAX and QuadMod high power solid state amplifiers (SSPA

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies is now offering new pre-configured and customized Outdoor Shelters to house and support our ModuMAX and QuadMod hot-swappable amplifiers. The new shelters enable us to support projects that require amplifiers to be conveniently housed right next to the antenna providing efficient operations and ease of maintenance. The flexibility to position the shelter in close proximity to the antenna requires less waveguide runs and reduces waveguide loss to enhance operational efficiencies. The shelters leverage the proven performance of General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies’ indoor high power amplifiers, and support all of our frequencies across C, X and Ku bands.

These new Outdoor Shelters support our ModuMAX and QuadMod power levels and frequencies in single, dual, or phase-combined chassis. A typical shelter as specified in the attached datasheet is large enough hold (2) 45 RU racks and (2) ModuMAX’s or QuadMod chassis configurations, plus the shelters are large enough to support maintenance and workspace requirements.

Modular Footprint Next to Antennas
  • 400W – 3,000W C-band and High C-band

  • 400W – 2,200W X-band and XM-bands

  • 250W – 1,900W Ku-band

  • 1,500W – 3,000W Insat C-band

  • 800W – 1,500W Insat Ku-band

Ideal For:
  • Easy work access to amplifiers located next to the antenna

  • New antenna construction with challenging access to indoor equipment facilities, liked paved roads

  • Zoning restrictions and/or difficult topography

  • When power demands are a most critical factor – minimal losses

Proven Reliability

With many amplifier choices currently available in the market, we are excited to now offer our hot-swappable amplifier chassis that are the easiest to maintain and provide 100% uptime in locations right at the antenna. Our ModuMAX’s and QuadMod have been fielded for over 15 years, have outstanding total cost of ownership benefits, are the easiest to operate, and include 3-year, 100% all-inclusive warranty.

ModuMAX and QuadMod SSPAs are completely modular RF amplifier systems offering:

  • Built-in redundancy in (1) amplifier chassis

  • RF plug-In modules

  • Easy-to-operate and maintain - RS-232/-422/-485 and network interfaces

  • Configurable power

  • Phase-combined systems

  • Guaranteed specifications

  • Guaranteed power: Psat 3dB back-off, or Plin (see product spec sheets for information)

  • Global EMC and safety compatibility

  • SSPAs can be connected to 120/208 Vac or 230/400 Vac three-phase sources, or to single-phase 180–264 Vac, supporting installation worldwide.