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IceSat begins ITU satellite filing on behalf of Iceland’s Post and Telecom Administration

IceSat begins ITU satellite filing on behalf of Iceland’s Post and Telecom Administration

Iceland is taking its first steps in space. For the first time, Iceland is accepting ITU satellite filings. Iceland’s Post and Telecom Administration (PTA) and IceSat ehf have entered into a contract to carryout satellite filing to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

Specifically formed to work with the PTA, IceSat is an integral part of Isle of Man-based ManSat Group, the commercial market leader in provision of spectrum to the satellite industry.

Christopher Stott, Chairman and CEO of ManSat and IceSat, said: “This is a significant step forward for Iceland and for the satellite industry as a whole: a superb new jurisdiction, complimentary to the Isle of Man in so many ways, now leading the world with cutting edge, transparent, and efficient regulations for satellite filing in strict adherence to the ITU Radio Regulations.

“The PTA undertook extensive research over a two-year period, examining regulatory processes and satellite filing procedures of the industry’s leading nations and we are honored to have been chosen as its partner.”

Christopher added: “Since ManSat was established in 1998, we have dedicated ourselves to applying best practice in all our dealings within the satellite industry and our new Icelandic regulatory regime will continue that ethos. Iceland brings many advantages to a global business from its strong economy, rule of law, NATO membership, access to the European Economic Community, and more. It’s a hugely exciting time for the ManSat Group and we look forward to a long and successful partnership with the PTA.”

Hrafnkell V. Gislason, Director of the PTA said: The PTA looks forward to welcoming satellite operators to Iceland, as we consider it important for Iceland to establish a good relationship with the rapidly growing space industry. Satellite services are becoming more and more important for the international community and can play an important role in providing high capacity connections in the Arctic region. We are confident that we can provide service of high quality with the strong support of the experts of Icesat who have extensive expertise and experience in the field of satellite filing.