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Cloud Constellation Corporation and Cytaglobal announce partnership

Cloud Constellation Corporation and Cytaglobal announce partnership

Cloud Constellation Corporation and Cytaglobal announced today they have entered into a reseller partnership to address the mission critical data security needs of selected customers in Asia, Africa and Europe. Cytaglobal will resell SpaceBelt Data Security as a Service (DSaaS) as part of its service portfolio, to address the needs of corporate customers and government entities.

Cloud Constellation’s SpaceBelt™ DSaaS offers secure, global managed network services and cloud data storage in space to enterprise, government and military organizations. Connected directly to an organization's enterprise network and utilizing a networked constellation of ten satellites in low earth orbit (LEO), SpaceBelt™ DSaaS provides the strongest data security possible by providing global isolation of an organization’s high-value, highly sensitive data assets, whether at rest or in motion.

Cytaglobal is based in Cyprus at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa. Taking advantage of the island’s geographical position, Cytaglobal has developed an extensive submarine fiber network, which connects Cyprus with its neighboring countries, major hubs in Europe and the rest of the world. This is complemented by a far-reaching satellite network that provides access to multiple satellites around the globe. Cytaglobal provides a wide range of international telecommunications products, services and total solutions, making Cyprus a major telecommunications hub in the eastern Mediterranean.

Dennis R. Gatens, chief commercial officer, Cloud Constellation Corporation, said: “Cytaglobal enables the communications crossroads for major markets in Europe, Asia and Africa. Therefore, we see significant opportunity for both our companies, with our combined services, to deliver the highest level of data security for organizations with mission-critical communications requirements.”

Christos Limnatitis, Manager National and International Wholesale Market, Cytaglobal, said: “SpaceBelt™ DSaaS is a novel cloud application in space, offering secure satellite storage around the globe. Spacebelt’s innovative data security products will enable us diversify our service portfolio and serve the mission sensitive needs of our customers opting to exploit the advantages of this secure global network.”

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