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AST introduces new services, INTEGRA See+ and INTEGRA Control Lite for cost-effective real-time data

AST introduces new services, INTEGRA See+ and INTEGRA Control Lite for cost-effective real-time data management
Global innovator of intelligent remote satellite communication solutions, AST, announced today the official release of INTEGRA See+ and INTEGRA Control Lite, which offer real-time visibility and application control for satellite communications.

Available exclusively from AST, these two new services added to their extensive solutions portfolio, alongside INTEGRA See and INTEGRA Control will provide customers with an even more flexible and cost-effective way to view, restrict, block and report on applications used over their satellite connection.

INTEGRA See+ is an enhancement of the existing INTEGRA See service which gives customers a breakdown of their traffic by application category and the top 10 individual applications used for each of their AST services during the current month. The new Integra See+ service now also gives customers the ability to drill down into each category to view individual application usage over a 3 month period, providing increased visibility and intelligence on usage patterns.

INTEGRA Control Lite will offer customers alerting capabilities for the whole service as well as at individual application categories level, allowing customers to accurately and automatically monitor usage and be alerted as defined thresholds are crossed. This gives a previously unavailable layer of proactive intelligence. A user is also able to block the service or category once a threshold is reached, giving a greater level of risk mitigation against excessive usage – all in real time and without needing to process Call Data Records (CDRs).

AST Group Managing Director, Gregory Darling commented: “Working closely with our customers provides us with valuable insight into their operational needs and allows us to develop empowering solutions designed to increase efficiency and enhance crew welfare whilst saving costs”.

INTEGRA See+ and INTEGRA Control Lite operate over AST’s INTEGRA Network, a next-generation ground network that delivers reliable and secure end-to-end connectivity, optimised performance and includes AST’s cyber security solution, INTEGRA CyberShield, a multiple layer of cybersecurity controls designed to protect businesses against threats that may put operations at risk. The INTEGRA Network supports connectivity to any satellite IP network and communications equipment and currently connects to the satellite networks of Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya and VSAT services.

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