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Caroline De Vos of SatADSL wins Woman of the Year Award at the Global Women in Telco & Tech Awar

Caroline De Vos in the Greater Accra Region, Ghana

Caroline De Vos, Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Co-founder of SatADSL, a provider of professional VSAT services, has been presented with the award for Woman of the Year at the Global Women in Telco & Tech Awards 2019.

Judged by an independent panel of judges, the awards acknowledge the achievements made by companies, individuals and industry partners in the area of gender parity. The prestigious award recognizes Caroline’s achievements in the tech field and highlights the vital work SatADSL has accomplished this year.

Caroline co-founded SatADSL in 2010, which aims to create innovative satellite networking solutions for areas where terrestrial infrastructure is not reliable. This year, Caroline has continued to play an integral part in identifying and deploying teams across Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and Asia.

“It is such an honor to be awarded the Women of the Year Award,” said Caroline, “I want to thank the Global Women in Telco & Tech Awards for the empowering work they are doing for women in tech. Endorsing the exceptional work that everyone here does paves the way for when the strength to shine for women should be expected and not the exception.

“The award also recognizes the significance of our work at SatADSL, as we continue in our mission of connecting the unconnected in every corner of the world. Seeing citizens who were once underserved by connectivity now able to reap the benefits of affordable and dependent internet access to benefit their lives socially and economically is a reward in itself,” added Caroline.

Caroline is proactive in the company’s global strategies around the world, including the expansion of its footprint as it moved into the Asian Market for the first time with the launch of its new Point of Presence (PoP) in Singapore. The PoP replicates SatADSL’s European and African model, giving operators access to its Cloud Service Delivery Platform (C-SDP), which enables operators to offer satellite services via the cloud.

The Award Ceremony, which took place in London, on September 25, brought together all areas of the wider telecoms and tech industry. The awards were categorized into four sections - Disruptor, Projects & Initiatives, Spotlight and Profile and Special Recognition – and included winners from IHS Nigeria, Intel Corporation, Juniper Networks, Ooredoo Oman, Seaborn Networks, Stream Data Centers and more.

“As a working mum of two daughters, I understand the difficulties that come with being a woman in a male-dominated industry. These challenges not only drive but inspire me to work harder to achieve my dreams, and I hope that the acknowledgement of this award will also inspire others to achieve their dreams too,” said Caroline.

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