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DroneShield’s deployment results in arrest at college football game

DroneShield’s deployment results in arrest at college football game

DroneShield Ltd, a publicly-traded leader in the emerging industry of drone security solutions is pleased to provide the following update on a live deployment of its products.

Stadium Incident On August 31, 2019, DroneShield’s system was being utilised at the opening game of the football season at a major college team stadium. This deployment was part of the university’s efforts to provide protection against unmanned aerial vehicles. As has become common at sporting events, an unauthorised drone was flown over the stadium at the end of the game’s third quarter. In the absence of the DroneShield deployment, the drone and its controller would have operated with impunity. However, thanks to DroneShield’s equipment, the law enforcement officers on the scene were able to track the drone in real-time, recover it rapidly and thus secure the site at which over a hundred thousand members of the public were present. Their efforts ultimately led to the arrest of the drone’s pilots. DroneShield’s Leadership Position DroneShield is one of the very few companies in the counterdrone industry that have progressed to products that have been proven in a range of environments, against a range of drones, with multiple governmental and commercial users. Its products can be operated in a layered stand-alone defensive system or integrated into a larger command and control common operating system. As a result, just in the recent several months alone, DroneShield:

  • entered into a memorandum of understanding with a subsidiary of The Saudi Telecom Company;

  • commenced a collaboration with Collins Aerospace;

  • partnered with Bosch;

  • entered into a watershed partnership with BT Group to provide counterdrone solutions to its customers across the United Kingdom;

  • won a competitive Australian Department of Defence tender for portable counterdrone devices; and

  • experienced substantial revenue growth, quarter after quarter, for three consecutive quarters, from a standing revenue start.

DroneShield’s products have been deployed for counterdrone security at, among others:

  • an ASEAN meeting of heads of state;

  • several Boston Marathon events over the years;

  • the PyeongChang 2018 Olympics;

  • the 2018 XXI Commonwealth Games;

  • Hawaii IRONMAN World Championship;

  • World Economic Forum in Davos;

  • and a number of other high profile events.

Oleg Vornik, DroneShield’s Chief Executive Officer, commented “The threat of drones to the public is real, clear and present. Most of the time, we are unable to disclose to the public the specifics of the deployments in which our products are utilised, or the very real and effective outcomes that our products achieve in protecting the public, service men and women, law enforcement, and others. We are pleased to be able to share this positive outcome with the public today.”

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