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History Never Repeats: Optus Messaging removes major pain points for customers

History Never Repeats: Optus Messaging removes major pain points for customers

Optus has introduced a digital Messaging service for customers that allows them to interact with Optus, not have to repeat their enquiry history, and then go about their lives while Optus solves their problem and then provides the customer with an update when their problem is solved.

Optus Messaging is the latest ‘always-on’ help and support channel and is available through My Optus App and online via My Account.

Optus Messaging provides a 24/7 direct line of communication with Optus care teams where customers can ‘come and go’ from a conversation at their own pace and convenience.

Unique to Messaging, this service facilitates a conversational-style approach between Optus customers and care support teams by drawing on the latest technologies to blend digital and human experiences.

Optus Vice President of Customer Care, Mark Baylis, said “Messaging is breaking new ground in the world of customer care and will transform the way we communicate with our customers and most importantly, help us go further to deliver exceptional service.”

“Over the past few years, we noticed customers have really taken to the convenience of our Live Chat service and we’ve able to build on this digital experience by introducing Messaging.”

“Unlike Live Chat, Messaging allows customers to ‘come and go’ from a conversation but also means they no longer need to wait on the phone or a chat queue; making it easier than ever for customers to engage with us when they need help.”

As a first for Optus, customers can start a Messaging conversation online through the web, and then jump across to the My Optus App on their mobile device to continue their interaction if that’s easier.

“One of Messaging’s most important features is that our customers and care teams have access to the full conversation history which eliminates the need for customers having to repeat themselves as conversations can be picked up at any time by our support teams,” Mr Bayliss added.

Mr Baylis said the shift from voice contact centres to digital channels was being driven by customers as a way to engage and purchase products or services in a way that suits them.

“We are thrilled customers will have an even more convenient way of connecting with us by leaving a message with us so they can get back to their day while we resolve their issue in the background and notify them when it’s done.”

Optus’ commitment to leading the way in conversational care delivers to our customers simple, interactive and convenient support via their preferred channels, 24/7.