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Vishipel selects ORBCOMM’s vessel monitoring system for commercial fishing market in Vietnam

Vishipel selects ORBCOMM’s vessel monitoring system for commercial fishing market in Vietnam

ORBCOMM Inc., a global provider of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, has announced that it has been selected by Vishipel, a leading provider of telecommunications services and maritime equipment, to provide its Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) for commercial fishing vessels throughout Vietnam. ORBCOMM’s VMS delivers complete visibility and control of fishing vessels and maintains vital communications links with home ports utilizing ORBCOMM’s satellite service offering.

Vishipel is using ORBCOMM’s robust VMS as a major component of their VIFISH 18 kit in order to improve the monitoring, control and management of fisheries resources by the Vietnamese government to help prevent Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing. ORBCOMM’s VMS provides Vishipel’s customers with detailed, continuous reports on vessel location and fishing route tracking along with the ability to establish geofences for authorized fishing zone monitoring. The system can also send real-time weather and safety alerts to crews at sea and enables the crew to send communications, including distress alerts, from ship to shore to enhance maritime safety and security and help guide rescue operations. In addition, ORBCOMM is working with Vishipel to develop direct connections to on-board and shore-based IT systems to enable seamless transmission of required forms, logs and files from the vessel to port authorities, which will help streamline operations, reduce paperwork and ensure regulatory compliance.

“Utilizing ORBCOMM’s advanced IoT technology, our vessel monitoring system provides Vishipel with a comprehensive feature set at a great value to improve their customers’ maritime safety and operational efficiency, while ensuring compliance with Vietnamese fishing regulations,” said Marc Eisenberg, Chief Executive Officer of ORBCOMM Inc. “We’re pleased to provide Vishipel with a future-proof system that leverages the speed, reliability and coverage of ORBCOMM’s satellite service offering, while expanding our geographic reach into Vietnam’s growing fisheries market.”

“ORBCOMM’s powerful and reliable vessel monitoring system helps Vishipel ensure that our customers’ fishing vessels are working at peak efficiency at all times through continuous monitoring of vessel performance and maintaining constant communications with home ports no matter where they are on the world’s oceans,” said Phan Ngoc Quang, General Director of Vishipel. “Through our partnership with ORBCOMM and the measurable and immediate ROI their industry-leading VMS product delivers, we are pleased to provide the solution of choice for Vietnamese fisherman.”

Vishipel is part of an elite group of authorized service providers in Vietnam to offer a VMS solution to the fishing industry that meets the Vietnamese Government’s regulations for vessels that are more than 15 meters to be installed with a VMS device by April 2020.