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Zero Density and Sequin AR announces partnership to push boundaries of reality in the United States

Lawrence Jones (left), Ulas Kacmaz (right)

Zero Density continues to expand its exquisite global partner network with another significant partnership, this time in the United States. Ground-breaking virtual studio and augmented reality product Reality Engine combined with the Sequin AR's creative trailblaze is set to deliver spectacular projects. The duos have created numerous award-winners of several Emmys, Broadcast Innovation Awards and more with their superior work and ready to bring together their expertise. Lawrence Jones, Executive Creative Director at Sequin AR, said: 'We are excited to partner with Zero Density to create groundbreaking augmented reality, virtual sets, and immersive experiences leveraging the power of Reality Engine. Together we will push the boundaries of what is possible for Zero Density clients.'

Ulaş Kaçmaz, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Zero Density, said 'It is thrilling to be working with Sequin and its creative team, consisting of award-winning pioneers and trend-setters. Zero Density and Sequin will become a powerhouse that will actualize striking projects.'​ Unreal Engine native Reality Engine is a real-time node-based compositor with its proprietary keying technology Reality Keyer, offering the most photorealistic 3D virtual studio and augmented reality product in the industry. Sequin AR's launch of Augmented Reality TV and Film Division with ICM and the partnership with Zero Density aim to bridge the gap between Hollywood producers and technology vendors as well as expanding the use of Unreal Engine in entertainment.

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