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More streaming platforms commit to ASEAN content code upholding user interests

More streaming platforms commit to ASEAN content code upholding user interests

The Asia Video Industry Association (AVIA) today announces that NBCUniversal have signed the ASEAN Subscription Video-on-Demand Industry Content Code, joining other industry players including ASTRO, dimsum, DOONEE, HOOQ, iflix, iWant, Netflix, tonton and TVB.

The Content Code, first released in June 2018, is a self-regulatory framework that aims to ensure the commitment of online streaming services in the ASEAN region to uphold the interests of their users by providing content that does not infringe copyright and does not promote pornography, violence, terrorism, and hate crimes. It also aims to protect minors from accessing age-inappropriate and sensitive content, empowers users and their families to choose video content that suits their needs, interests, passions, and values, and serves to distinguish legitimate services from pirate sites.

NBCUniversal operates the hayu service in 14 countries globally, including Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines within the Asia-Pacific region. The company has also announced that it is launching a general entertainment streaming service, Peacock¸ in 2020 in the US and later in international territories.

Commenting on NBCUniversal’s decision to sign onto the code, Christine Fellowes, Managing Director for Asia-Pacific, said: “NBCUniversal is delighted to sign up to this important initiative, part of our overall effort to deliver the highest quality online services in a safe and responsible manner. As audience viewing moves increasingly online, it is critical that industry demonstrates the high degree of responsibility that consumers expect, and provides re-assurance to Governments of the region that we are their partners in promoting a safe and lawful online environment.”

Witnessing the signing, Louis Boswell, CEO of the Asia Video Industry Association (AVIA), the trade association for the video industry and ecosystem in Asia Pacific, also said, “We are delighted that more OCC industry players see the Code as a way to affirm their commitment to being responsible industry players. Having a code which distinguishes legitimate, responsible content providers from pirated and user-generated-content platforms gives regulators confidence and consumers control. We encourage more companies to join us in this commitment.

”The signing onto the Content Code between NBCUniversal and AVIA was held on stage at AVIA’s Asia Video Summit on Wednesday (November 6).

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