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ManSat Group further expands its offerings with the appointment of Alexis Martin as Chief Consulting

ManSat Group further expands its offerings with the appointment of Alexis Martin as Chief Consulting Officer

The ManSat Group has expanded its ITU and Spectrum service offerings by further strengthening its leadership team with the appointment of Alexis Martin as Chief Consulting Officer.

Alexis has held key positions across the satellite industry supporting regulations, strategy, market intelligence and asset management for the likes of Airbus, Avanti and SES, more recently serving as director of market and technical advisory in a public policy firm.

From filing services through the Isle of Man and Iceland to end-to-end consulting services for the life of a filing, ManSat now offers comprehensive solutions to address each company’s unique spectrum requirements.

Alexis said: “It could not be a more exciting time to join ManSat as we are just ahead of the next WRC cycle (World Radiocommunication Conference) that will take us through to 2023, which will see the emergence of new services and new applications.

“Supported by a team of highly-skilled professionals and building on longstanding relationships across the industry and regulators, the breadth of our consulting services will be expanded to further support our customers’ strategic projects and help them achieve their business goals.

“In an ever-changing technological environment, we apply commercial efficiencies and transparencies to a global regulatory process to help our customers secure the spectrum they need.

“From safeguarding existing spectrum to advocating for new identifications, introducing new regulatory framework or obtaining licences, we will provide a clear path and strategy to our customers for securing spectrum, removing entry barriers and accessing the market.

“I am really looking forward to engaging with the most innovative companies and shaping the future of the space - and broader telecom - industry by turning challenges into opportunities.”

Alexis holds a Master of Engineering in optics and electronics from the University of Montpellier, together with a Master of Science in Engineering in information and telecommunication science and technology from Telecom SudParis. He completed his studies with a year of specialization in satellite telecommunications systems from SAE-SUPAERO in France and obtained a professional certificate in Corporate Finance – Mergers & Acquisitions from the Sacred Heart University of Luxembourg.

Chris Stott, ManSat Chief Executive Officer, said: “We are thrilled to welcome Alexis to the ManSat family. With our 20th anniversary next year, Alexis’s appointment is further evidence that we are continuing to grow and develop our commercial offering.

“By leveraging his broad spectrum of skills and his passion for space, Alexis helps clients understand the global picture, develop strategies and overcome entry barriers. He has been supporting regulations, policy and spectrum matters since the early 2000s when he started as a spectrum engineer and brings great knowledge and passion to the ManSat Group.”

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