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The Newspace Factory group brings at Space Tech Expo solutions for a reliable space

The Newspace Factory group brings at Space Tech Expo solutions for a reliable space

Mega constellations, Space Traffic Management, Travels to the Moon: so many space projects requiring attention to avoid irrevocable issues. Thanks to a strong heritage in space projects management and a very agile industrial organization, the group of French space SMEs provides solutions to the contradictory needs of speed and reliability.

Newspace Factory, now comprising 12 companies known as Space Enablers, travel the world, chaining exhibitions, conferences, industrial and institutional meetings to meet the space entrepreneurs and offer them a direct access to the French know-how. You can follow their adventures on www.newspace-factory.com and on LinkedIn and Twitter (@newspacefactory).

This week as part of the Space Tech Expo Europe 2019, some important achievement will be announced: Anywaves: will acquire Flight Heritage with its antennas in the S- and X- bands, integrated on the EyeSat 3U and on the ANG ELS 12U which will be put into orbit in December 2019.

Erems: a French SME of 150 people specialized in Space, has just signed a contract with Airbus DS to develop and provide a set of electronic equipment for the satellites of CO3D (3D Optical Constellation) constellation. As part of this new contract, EREMS is in charge of the complete study of the architecture then the design and manufacture of three types of electronic equipment.

Angels Nanosatellite (co-developed by CNES, Hemeria, Erems, Anywaves and CS)

Hemeria: delivers the first French industrial nanosat. Committed to the Kinéis nanosatellites constellation project, Hemeria co-developed with CNES, Angels, the first French industrial nanosat. This demonstrator that will ship the Argos-Neo instrument dedicated to the Argos system will be launched aboard a Soyuz between 17 and 25 December 2019. The nanosatellite model will be exhibited on the booth #2017.

Mecano ID: will present the first European live demonstration of its new small satellite deployer. The EOS system combines very low mass (less than 4 kg), predictable mechanical levels, very low spin at ejection and 5 free external faces allowing satellite appendixes such as sensors or antennas. The EOS was developed by MECANO ID with the support of French Space Agency (CNES) and Newspace Factory (NSF). The EOS model will be exhibited on the booth #2017.

Syntony GNSS: is currently dealing with several deliveries of GNSS Constellations simulators and GNSS recorder & player systems for Aerospace customers and University in Germany and Austria: OHB, RWTH AACHEN UNIVERSITY, and RUAG Space. Astos Solutions is our local distributor in Germany.