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Celestia acquires Antwerp Space NV Ground Segment Division

Jose Alonso Chair Celestia Technologies Group

Celestia Technologies Group has announced that it has acquired the satellite ground systems division of Antwerp Space, part of the Bremen-based OHB SE Group, in a deal that will boost Celestia's existing expertise in EGSE and ground systems.

The Celestia Technologies Group is a pan-European network of SME's based on innovation and development of high technology products for the space, defence, telecom and scientific markets. The addition of the Belgian business adds further capability to the group, enabling Celestia to offer customers a wider product portfolio of EGSE products alongside complete turnkey solutions. It also boosts annual group turnover by 4M€.

In welcoming the 17-strong team of Antwerp Space engineers to the business, Celestia group chairman José Alonso says, "We are delighted to announce today that we are bringing one of Belgium's most well-established and experienced ground station specialists into the Celestia fold.

"This strategic move brings together the best of two formerly competing companies, allowing us to exploit synergies and knowledge whilst providing greater integration capabilities and expertise to our customers," he says.

All the ground segment activities previously carried out by Antwerp Space will continue in a newly created Belgian entity Celestia Antwerp BV, a fully owned subsidiary focussing on the EGSE and ground segment activities that have been the cornerstone of the Antwerp Space business for the last 50 years.

Celestia already owns C-STS, formerly part of the SSBV group, also with a strong market position in satellite EGSE and modems for ground stations. This latest move therefore reinforces Celestia’s overall standing in the ground systems market, opening up a more extensive product portfolio alongside important technology and cost synergies.

The combined yearly turnover for both companies will be 8M€, representing 25% of the Celestia group turnover.

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