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Nedaa provides cutting-edge communications services operated through its networks for Dubai’s specta

H.E. Mansoor BuOsaiba, Nedaa’s CEO

Professional Communication Corporation – Nedaa, the Dubai Government security networks provider, recently announced that it has completed preparations for Dubai’s breath-taking New Year’s Eve celebrations happening at the Downtown Dubai and Burj Khalifa.

H.E. Mansoor BuOsaiba, Nedaa’s CEO commented, “The provision of safe, highly efficient specialized communications, supported by our team of specialists in communication networks, are the key principal factor to ensuring the safety of the celebration location, including the audience and the surrounding areas. The easy-to-use radio communication devices with their solid designs and modern features will provide deployed authorities with an advanced solution as they extend security services, give assistance to people, and address all other mission-critical needs. The use of secure and safe communications will result in better and faster decision-making in case of emergencies and will also complement Dubai Government’s efforts to deliver a better city experience and build unified communication networks according to the highest standards.”

Selected by Dubai events security committee for their superior technical solutions, Nedaa will be providing dependable and critical communications support to this year’s elaborate fireworks show, attended by thousands of people, as the emirate makes a new attempt to win another Guinness World Record title. To ensure smooth and safe festivities within the area, Nedaa will be positioning their Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) next to the celebrations site, offering round-the-clock monitoring and connectivity for addressing critical situations and equipment malfunction; and to guarantee strong network coverage. Organizers and concerned personnel from Dubai Police, Dubai Civil Defence, and Dubai Ambulance assigned in target areas and key locations will utilize Nedaa’s state-of-the-art two-way radio communication systems to ensure public safety and continuous connectivity between all security organisations involved.

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