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Eccentric Japanese billionaire, Yusaku Maezawa declares his desire to travel to space - something he

Eccentric Japanese billionaire, Yusaku Maezawa declares his desire to travel to space - something he shares with 14.4 million Britons

The eccentric Japanese billionaire, Yusaku Maezawa, has declared that he is looking for a life partner to join him on his trip to the moon with American enterprise, SpaceX, in a mission planned for 2023. This comes as devotees of space travel, such as Professor Ketty Maisonrouge and some other 600 intrepid explorers have committed some $250,000 to book their seat on Virgin Galactic's inaugural space flights, due to commence this year.

One noticeable trend however for the those looking to explore space is that this is very much an endeavour for the most wealthy in society. Whether it may be Virgin Galactic, SpaceX or Blue Origin, the customer base for forthcoming space exploration endeavours is still the folly of the uber-rich, making space an exclusive club for those who can afford it. But research would indicate that this is not representative of those who wish to travel.

National research conducted by Asgardia, the first space nation has unveiled that 29% of Britons - 14.4 million - would pay to go to space if it were easily accessible to the general public, with a further 18% of the UK- 9 million - willing to invest their savings in visiting space if the opportunity arose.

With such a vast desire to travel space felt by the British public, Asgardia believe that these sentiments would be shared internationally and therefore believe that their offering of democratising space for the masses is a viable solution.

Dr Igor Ashurbeyli, Founder and Head of Nation at Asgardia, believes that the ambitions of Asgardia are the only viable solution present that democratises space for a mass audience,

"Asgardia already has more than 1 million people from 200 countries signed up as citizens. We clearly have a broad appeal. Our research from the UK is of course hugely encouraging, and it inspires me to know that there are so many like-minded people who share Asgardia's vision. I have no doubt that these sentiments are shared across the globe.

Each and every Asgardian is important to us. No matter your background, being part of the Asgardian community is about unity and equality. Residents and citizens of Asgardians have their role in growing our community and taking part in democratic processes, delivering our vision of a democratised and accessible space."

Ana Mercedes Diaz, Prime Minister of Asgardia, commented,

"Being a citizen of the nation Asgardia transcends borders and covers various social and cultural groups. We are a united community from all four corners of the globe that share the common goal of exploring space. As a growing community, we recognise the vast popularity of those seeking to travel space and live out their dreams."