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Compact VSAT C4 is qualified to be INTELSATOne Flex Terminal

C4 – 45cm sized 4 axis stabilized compact VSAT Terminal (Source: KNS)

On 16 January 2020, the compact maritime VSAT C4 terminal system – which is developed by world leading maritime VSAT manufacturer in South Korea, KNS – is qualified by INTELSATOne Flex network service.

Through this approval, the C4 Terminal system can enjoy HTS (High Throughput Satellite) network service by INTELSATOne Flex in worldwide and the Company Terminal of KNS will contribute to have and enhance crew’s welfare and communication capability from ship to ground station and vice versa.

Dave Kim, Director of KNS said “The realistic alternative of conventional GEO satellite communication, HTS has become the main trend flow. With this moving forward, we are quite sure that this compact VSAT can approach to the market where the customers want to have network & VSAT package product at their convenience.”

“We are looking forward to introduce our package product to small vessel communication system market in Worldwide.” He added.