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Pacific Telecommunications Council announces its PTC Awards 2020 recipients

Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) celebrated outstanding achievements in the information and communication technologies (ICT) industry at last night’s PTC Awards 2020, which was held during PTC’20: Vision 2020 and Beyond.

“The PTC awards are exploding in terms of industry participation and it’s a pleasure to be able to recognize the brilliant work going on in the ICT industry, and particularly that which supports the non-profit mission of PTC, to advance the ethical development and use of ICT for collaboration, knowledge, and outreach,” commented Joe Weinman, founder and principal, XFORMA LLC and Chair of the PTC Awards 2020 Committee.

The PTC Awards 2020 acknowledged the outstanding contributions being made to improve the ability of people and firms in the Pacific region, as well as those aligned with PTC’s mission, to connect people and organizations for a better world.

The PTC Awards 2020 recipients are:

Category I: Core Network Products and Services Outstanding Satellite Company: Mission Microwave Outstanding Submarine Company: Telstra Outstanding Wireless Company: SK Telecom Outstanding Wireline Company: MTA Fiber Holdings, LLC (MTAFH)

Category II: Network-Centric Products, Services, and Innovation Outstanding Applications Company: PLDT Global Corporation Outstanding Cloud, Data Center, or Interconnection Company: NJFX Outstanding Customer-Facing Innovation: PLDT Global Corporation Outstanding Internal Transformation: Telstra Outstanding Network Intelligence and Management Company: Connected2Fiber

Category III: PTC Vision and Mission Outstanding Ecosystem Corporation: Hawaiki Submarine Cable LP Outstanding ICT Education or Research Provider: Hawaiki Submarine Cable LP Outstanding Quality of Life Improvement: TELUS

Category IV: Members’ Choice Awards Outstanding CEO: Robin Khuda, Founder & CEO, AirTrunk Outstanding Female Executive: Nadya Melic, Global Head of Connectivity & Platforms, Telstra Outstanding Pacific Islands Achievement: The University of the South Pacific

In addition, Mark Hukill, principal consultant of Asia-Pacific Electronic Media Communications, LLC, received the Richard J. Barber PTC Distinguished Service Award for his exceptional service to PTC for the past 37 years.