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RTL Croatia selects BCE and SGT (Hexaglobe Group) to renew its broadcasting system and upgrade to HD

RTL Croatia selects BCE and SGT (Hexaglobe Group) to renew its broadcasting system and upgrade to HD

The television group RTL Croatia had expressed a need to migrate its infrastructure, in service since 2004, to high-definition. Already powered by a VEDA 10 system, RTL Croatia reiterates its trust in SGT technologies (Hexaglobe Group) by selecting BCE to deploy its new broadcast system. It is the VEDA 16 products, which are scalable, reliable and robust software solutions designed by SGT and already in production on many systems worldwide, that have been integrated into this project, thus ensuring seamless service continuity. The eight HD channels were broadcast on November 12, 2019, which is about four months after the project initialization.

RTL Croatia operates eight television channels - RTL, RTL2, RTL Living, RTL Kockica, RTL Crime, RTL Passion, RTL Croatia World and RTL Adria (which is expected to be launched in January 2020), secured by two backup channels to ensure redundancy. The VEDA 16 range, integrated by BCE and designed by SGT teams in 2019, is the perfect fit for the Croatian group's needs, by including reliable and efficient MAM (Media Asset Management) and multi-channel broadcasting (Automation) features, while providing an intuitive and fully customizable user interface.

On customer request, multiple workflow and features have been established to optimize and facilitate operations, adapting entirely to specific requirements, such as automatic archiving, on-demand video file transfer, low-resolution video file generation, complete and automatic metadata management (MAM update, adding editorial information, scheduling VOD export to AWS for client’s RTL Play VOD service).

The migration to this new VEDA system was even more challenging due to RTL Croatia's specific needs. Indeed, it was necessary to recover and reinsert all the data from the former system. Also, some equipment already in production has been reused into this whole new infrastructure.

Through the combined expertise of BCE, SGT and RTL Croatia's teams, the entire project was successfully carried out in about four months, from July to November 2019, thereby overcoming the challenges of a tight planning and high technical constraints.

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