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MASA has been chosen to deliver its constructive simulation to the National Training Centre in Spain

MASA has been chosen to deliver its constructive simulation to the National Training Centre in Spain

MASA Group (MASA), a leading developer of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based Modelling & Simulation (M&S) software for the defence, emergency preparedness, serious games and game development markets, announces that the Spanish Army has signed a major contract for the use of MASA SWORD. It includes the acquisition and full customization to the Spanish requirements of SWORD, MASA’s flagship constructive simulation software.

SWORD is an automated, aggregated, constructive simulation designed to improve training, analysis, and decision support for both commanding officers in the military and crisis managers in the emergency preparedness sector. SWORD offers users highly realistic scenarios as well as an open simulation platform which is interoperable with other simulations and Command & Control (C2) systems. It can be deployed via distant servers (in the cloud) and can be adapted into several languages (ongoing versions include English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic). SWORD also includes a cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence engine developed by MASA.

The Spanish Army will use SWORD to improve the training of its command posts from Company and Battalion up to Brigade and Division level by simulating combat actions and combat-support actions. The Spanish Army’s main goal in choosing SWORD is to have a versatile simulation which is deployable in many use cases like Command Post Training, Crisis Management and Disaster Response, Logistic Command Post Training and in Urban Conflicts.

In the first two months after the acquisition, MASA SWORD was integrated in el CENAD San Gregorio in Zaragoza. CENAD stands for Centro Nacional de Adiestramiento, the National Training Centre.

El CENAD has chosen MASA SWORD mainly for its overall capabilities, versatility and flexibility. The task for el CENAD and MASA Group was to install MASA SWORD and to have it fully operational in two months. This task was accomplished successfully. Now the first exercise with military Units will take place at the beginning of June.

Marc de Fritsch, CEO of MASA Group, said: “MASA is honoured that the Spanish Army has selected SWORD as their constructive simulation of choice for the training of their command posts. SWORD will significantly enhance the Army’s training capabilities, expanding the possibilities of Spanish and Multinational Command Post training scenarios.”

SWORD is currently in use with around 20+ armies and system integrators around the world, including most notably France, Belgium, Brazil, Bangladesh and New Zealand.

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