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HISPASAT presents its Amazonas Nexus satellite in the Washington Satellite Show 2020

HISPASAT presents its Amazonas Nexus satellite in the Washington Satellite Show 2020

HISPASAT, the Spanish telecommunications satellite operator, is attending the Washington Satellite Show once again this year, the most important trade fair worldwide in the satellite sector, featuring the main actors and more than 300 companies from the space industry from today until Thursday.

At its stand, HISPASAT will present its new satellite, the Amazonas Nexus, which is currently being manufactured by Thales Alenia Space. This new wit, which will be launched in the second half of 2022, will have coverage over the Americas, the North Atlantic corridor, and Greenland and will be able to provide cutting-edge telecommunications services in the Ku frequency band. The Amazonas Nexus features a latest generation Digital Transparent Processor (DTP), an essential technological innovation to enhance geographic flexibility when faced with subsequent changes in the initially proposed business scenarios. Thanks to the DTP, the satellite's payload will be digitally processed on board, offering the possibility to assign the required capacities in orbit at any time. This ability helps ensure the satellite in the face of changes that may occur in the communications market.

Innovative antennas to receive the signal HISPASAT will also exhibit two advanced satellite terminals at its stand for the security and emergency fields. On the one hand the company will display the MicroSAT L/M (land and maritime) terminal for mobile services. Manufactured by GetSAT, the terminal is based on their patented InterFLAT technology which allows signals to be transmitted and received in the same panel, thus reducing the size, weight and energy consumption in order to provide essential benefits for the success of critical missions. This is an ideal technical solution for aerial, drone, land and maritime emergency services, as well as security applications.

On the other hand, HISPASAT will also display the “Ovzon T5” terminal, oriented to multimedia and government services in the security and emergency field. The Ovzon terminal, with an integrated antenna and modem, is easy to use and can offer a reliable, high speed broadband connection. Thanks to its small size, it is light and transportable like a backpack. It is also possible to remotely control the terminal from a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

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