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Equatorial Space and Empyrean Space, partner to offering the very first memorial flight services in

Equatorial Space and Empyrean Space, partner to offering the very first memorial flight services in Asia using 'Dorado' sounding rockets

Singapore’s Equatorial Space and Empyrean Space reach an agreement for suborbital launch of space burial services using the company’s upcoming Dorado sounding rockets, utilising the company’s proprietary hybrid rocket propulsion system.

The services, which will see its passengers travel to 110-200 kilometer altitudes, have been under preparations since January earlier this year, and will become the first suborbital flight services in this part of the world.

“If I died too early for an actual spaceflight, I’d want this to be done for me. Space burial is a chance for thousands of space enthusiasts who dedicated their lives to their passions to fulfil their dream, albeit posthumously, and assist our fledgling company to grow and pave our way for the living to enjoy and explore the cosmos in the years to come. We are honoured to be entrusted with such missions by Empyrean Space, and are confident our safe, green, hybrid propulsion system will deliver on our promises to our clients,” says Equatorial Space’s CEO, Simon Gwozdz.

Empyrean Space is proud to be Asia’s first space burial platform and we’re honoured to be partnered with Equatorial Space to make dreams a reality for many of us who wished to be one with the stars above.

In the long history of mankind, heavens have always been associated with the sky above and hell with the ground beneath. With that in mind; Empyrean Space is founded which in its branding means the highest heaven space or outer space.

“As a Funeral director in Singapore, I've had countless conversations with bereaved families about the life of their loved ones. I wonder how many times it has been that I've been asked if there are any services to send cremains of their loved ones to space in order to fulfil their dying wishes in the act of filial piety.” says Empyrean Space’s CEO, Darren Ho.

“We hope by offering such services we’ll be able to provide bereaved families a proper closure they need to celebrate the life of their loved ones while tackling some of the rising concerns such as land scarcity in the process,” adds Ho.

Equatorial Space is a Singapore-based space tech startup developing innovative technologies for space launch and exploration activities. With its proprietary hybrid propulsion, its technology allows for cheaper, safer and greener alternatives to existing solutions in both orbital launch systems, as well planetary landing missions.

Aiming for the first orbital launch by 2022, ESI has previously been crowned the winner of MBRSC Innovation Cup 2018 in Dubai, a Top 500 Deep Tech Startup by Hello Tomorrow 2018, as well as the Most Promising Startup at the NAMIC Innovation Day 2019.