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Optus launches new Optus Family plan as research reveals Australian families are looking to stay saf

Optus launches new Optus Family plan as research reveals Australian families are looking to stay safe online

Research from Optus today reveals that in this digital age, 83% of Australian parents are interested about learning how they can best protect their child's internet safety and security with almost half of Australian parents (45%) not having existing measures in place to protect their children online.  As part of a national survey conducted by Optus, over 1,000 Australian parents were asked about their children’s internet and technology usage and their concerns about protecting their families online.   Based on these findings, Optus has developed a solution for Australian parents - the Optus Family Plan - which launches today.    Matt Williams, Managing Director Marketing & Revenue at Optus said:   “More than ever before, families rely on technology to stay connected. It's no secret that children are very active online, whether it be for social, gaming or education purposes and it's crucial parents are equipped with the best possible solutions to keep their families safe online.”  “At Optus we are stepping up to the challenge with an affordable family plan. With 67% of Australian parents believing that companies like ours could be doing more to support them when it comes to protecting their children online, we feel like there is no better time to be launching these plans.” Mr Williams said as families nationwide are now spending the majority of their time at home, there is naturally an even greater reliance on them staying connected via their devices, which in turn creates additional pressure for parents to be able to monitor their children’s online activities. “As a telecommunications company, we believe we have a responsibility to help parents ensure their kids have the best possible experience online, so the launch of this family plan comes at a much-needed time.” The Optus Family plan connects the family with four SIMs and a massive 250GB of monthly data to share, bringing families closer in more ways than one.  “The plan also incorporates a suite of tools that help families ensure positive use of phones and connections – including a subscription to McAfee® Safe Family, at no additional cost and access to our Cyber Education Hub, including Digital Thumbprint content to provide digital know-how for parents and kids.”  “This plan also offers a unique first phone experience, leveraging the excitement of buying a first phone and empowering kids to use their first mobile responsibly.” 

Optus launches new Optus Family plan as research reveals Australian families are looking to stay safe online

Key findings   • Two-thirds of Aussie parents are concerned for their children’s internet security and safety (65%) but 45% of Aussie parents aren’t sure, or don’t currently have any safety measures in place. 

• The research found that the main concern for Australian parents regarding their children’s internet safety is their access to inappropriate content, followed by cyberbullying and internet addiction.   • While technology plays a lesser role for children four years of age and under, this rapidly increases amongst 5-10 year olds and is a major part of teenagers’ lives. Over 72% of children in Australia have access to two or more devices in a typical day.  • Around half of Aussie kids know the password to their parent’s phone (51%) or iPad (48%).    • Navigating the challenges around the rapidly increasing role of technology in children’s lives, parents say that building and maintaining a strong and trusted relationship with their child is pivotal.  

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