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Smart patrol robots built with Advantech's UNO-2484G Edge Gateway deployed to fight Coronavirus

Smart patrol robots built with Advantech's UNO-2484G Edge Gateway deployed to fight Coronavirus

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Shenhao Technology Co., Ltd has deployed smart robots that use Advantech technology to monitor body temperature and conduct identity detection in schools, banks, and other public places.

Shenhao, a leading provider of IoT products and solutions aimed at smart city applications, offers a smart patrol robot known as Health Guardian 1 equipped with Advantech's UNO-2484G edge gateway to support disease prevention and inspection. Because measuring body temperature manually exposes public safety personnel to potential health risks, robots that feature infrared sensors capable of scanning temperatures within a 5-meter area have been deployed. These robots conduct temperature measurements and identity detection, and all collected data is sent to a centralized server or management dashboard for health screening. To enable autonomous movement and navigation, the robots are also integrated with simultaneous localization and mapping navigation (SLAM navigation) technology. Thus far, Health Guardian 1 robots have been widely deployed in the southern cities of China.

Embedded computers play a significant role in ensuring the stable operation of robots and collecting accurate raw information. Accordingly, Health Guardian 1 robots were equipped with Advantech's UNO-2484G fanless, x86 industrial edge gateway for collecting data and executing commands without collision or accident. The UNO-2484G gateway is a highly ruggedized embedded operation system powered by an Intel® Core™ i7 processor that delivers high-performance computing. A built-in Intel® i210 Ethernet controller and 8 GB memory facilitate I/O-based control and convenient operation. Moreover, the system's rugged chassis protects against vibration, and the modular design enables flexible configuration for a wide range of applications.

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