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Getac unveils brand new virtual exhibition for defence sector

Getac unveils brand new virtual exhibition for defence sector

Getac, a leading rugged mobile computing manufacturer, has today opened the doors to its brand new Defence Virtual Exhibition, an interactive online experience for the defence sector. With flagship industry events such as Eurosatory 2020 cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Defence Virtual Exhibition is designed to bring Getac’s latest defence solutions directly to customers and partners, at a time and place that’s convenient to them. This the first in a series of virtual exhibitions planned by Getac throughout 2020, using innovative digital platforms to continue engaging with key audiences while traditional methods and events aren’t possible.

“At Getac, our mission is to deliver technology solutions that enable customers to digitise their operations and optimise productivity in highly challenging situations. This series of virtual exhibitions is an extension of that mission,” says Rick Hwang, President of Rugged & Video Solutions Business Group. “With the opening of a new communication channel, we aim to provide not only the latest technology, but the solutions most suited for our valued customers.”

A brand new way to experience Getac’s rugged solutions online

Thanks to the latest 3D technology, visitors to the Defence Virtual Exhibition’s product showcase can interact with Getac rugged devices in a level of detail never previously possible online, allowing them to explore key features, functionality, form factor and more. These devices include the brand new B360 fully rugged laptop – currently the brightest, fastest and most rugged laptop in today’s marketplace. – along with the Getac A140 and UX10-IP fully rugged tablets, V110 fully rugged convertible notebook and X500 fully rugged notebook.

A downloadable augmented reality app also lets users visualise the Getac device of their choice in a real-time location simply by pointing their smartphone camera at it, helping them see exactly how the device would fit into a specific working environment.

Focus on five core defence applications

The Defence Virtual Exhibition focuses on five core technology applications within the defence sector and how Getac’s rugged solutions can help customers overcome key challenges within them. These applications are as follows:

  1. Tactical Communication and Radar Surveillance – Helping operators connect to key communication and radar systems from remote field locations.

  2. Tactical Medicine – Delivering a reliable and robust solution for emergency responders working under extreme pressure.

  3. Helicopter Mechanics – Enabling crews to perform complex diagnostics and maintenance in a range of challenging environments.

  4. Maritime Special Forces – Allowing teams to effectively plan and execute sensitive operations across land, sea and air.

  5. Aircraft Maintenance – Giving engineers and mechanics fast access to the information needed for complex, time sensitive repairs in all weather conditions.

Alongside the 3D product showcase, visitors can download a range of defence resources, book virtual meetings with Getac experts and request follow up information wherever required, all directly through the Defence Virtual Exhibition’s website.

“Even in the midst of these unprecedented times it’s business as usual for much of the defence sector, which is why the cancellation of traditional tradeshows such as Eurosatory has the potential to be so damaging,” says Chris Bye, President, Getac UK Ltd. “As a global leader in digital technology and innovation, we’ve channelled our knowledge into creating an immersive online experience for customers and partners everywhere, bringing our latest defence solutions directly to them in the comfort of their own home. Our Defence Virtual Exhibition gives customers and partners all the information they need to make fully informed purchasing decisions, at a time when making the right decisions has never been more important.”

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