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HomeGrid Forum welcomes UVAX as they lead innovation for the future of energy efficient Smart C

HomeGrid Forum welcomes UVAX as they lead innovation for the future of energy efficient Smart Cities and Smart Grids

HomeGrid Forum welcomes global technology solutions provider UVAX as an Adopter member to support the growth and deployment of Smart Cities and Smart Grids. UVAX considers today’s public lighting to be an expensive and underutilized infrastructure, which represents an important percentage of the electricity bill of a city. UVAX solutions are designed to help drive interconnectivity as an instrumental tool for offering benefits to citizens and improvements in city services. They are derived from the vision of Digital Transformation and the Internet of Things (IoT). UVAX will continue to innovate and adopt technology within its solutions, building on the success it has already achieved in its Connected Street Lighting (CSL). The company has utilised the strong backbone and reliable, fast connectivity that provides to ensure all the streetlights within an outdoor lighting network can communicate with each other through thousands of sensors and IP Devices in a remotely managed TCP/IP network. More than 150 cities worldwide have benefitted from the UVAX CSL solution, which integrates video surveillance, sensor networks, Wi-Fi access points and EV charging stations. All communication is enabled through implemented in the powerlines of the LED streetlight network. Scalability and remote control are key advantages of the UVAX solution, enabling gradual integration of IP devices ranging from security devices to adaptive lighting, information panels and highway safety signs. The solution will set up an energy efficient platform for Smart Cities of the future. “UVAX has a strong reputation for innovation within the Smart City and Smart Grid industries, as we continue to meet the growing demand within these areas,” said Antonio Royo, Chief Executive Officer at UVAX. “ has a vital part to play in creating truly transformative technology and by joining with HomeGrid Forum we can push ahead with ambitions to further develop and support the deployment of alongside other industry leaders.” HomeGrid Forum works to promote broadband access technologies across an ever-widening portfolio and with the unveiling of its extended certification program will be moving into other markets. By ensuring all products meet requirements for reliable, high-quality connectivity, the technology will continue evolving for new applications. Since announcing its planned merger with GiGAWire Alliance, HomeGrid Forum has worked towards creating a global organization committed to seamless interconnectivity, covering GiGAWire MDUs, Smart Grids, Smart Cities, Internet of Things, and Light Communications (Li-Fi). “We are thrilled to welcome UVAX to the alliance and are confident our continued collaboration will unlock future opportunities and advancements within these markets, building upon the impact has already had globally,” said Dr. Len Dauphinee, HomeGrid Forum President. “We are working relentlessly to expand the use of through our world-renowned certification program, which ensures complete compliance and interoperability for a number of applications within the growing Smart City and Smart Grid sectors.”

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