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DV CONTROL, a new intuitive and efficient app for drone piloting

DV CONTROL, a new intuitive and  efficient app for drone piloting

DRONE VOLT, embedded artificial intelligence expert and professional civil drone manufacturer, presents its new DV CONTROL kit, a tool dedicated to piloting the HERCULES drone collection.

DV CONTROL was developed to allow pilots to autonomously complete their professional missions, in a simple and user-friendly way.


Flying your HERCULES has never been easier, thanks to the DV CONTROL. With its remote control, smartphone support and intuitive mobile application, this all-in-one tool assists the pilot during his or her missions. Additionally, multiple smartphones and screens can be connected together via Wi-Fi. It provides all the required flight information in real-time on a dual screen.

The DV CONTROL remote control is the ground piloting station that allows drone operation with long-range transmission.


  • Real-time video transmission up to 2 km.

  • Camera or thermal dual camera control.

  • AES 256 encrypted transmission.

The DV CONTROL mobile application, available for download on smartphone indicates all necessary flight information, such as the altitude, speed, distance, voltage, time and the real-time GPS position.

Furthermore, the app displays the flight departure checklist to remind you of the required procedure for optimal safety during each mission.

The flight plan, whether simple or complex, can be created and monitored through the application itself:

  • Waypoints can be implemented in your flight plan, as well as any required actions at these waypoints (recording, rotations, gimbal orientation, etc.)

  • Aerial Photogrammetry for aerial mapping and 3D modelling of buildings and terrain or georeferenced orthoplans. All you need is to define the zone to analyze and any relevant parameters (altitude, speed, overlap.)

  • Rally Points can be included for longer missions. The drone will land at these rally points for battery replacement, or simply to complete your mission without returning to the starting point.

Other available features:

  • Follow: the drone will follow the remote control.

  • Tap-to-fly: you can also tap the screen of your smartphone and the drone will fly to this location.

‘Our priorities during the development of this new DV CONTROL mobile application was efficiency and user-friendliness. We want to offer pilots the opportunity to operate their Hercules products easily during their increasingly complex professional flight missions’, noted Olivier GUALDONI, chairman / CEO of DRONE VOLT.

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