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Xiplink and Galaxy broadband communications partner to bring customers enhanced performance, reliabi

Xiplink and Galaxy broadband communications partner to bring customers enhanced performance, reliability and user experience

XipLink, a Montreal based manufacturer of WAN acceleration and optimization technologies, announced an exciting partnership with Galaxy Broadband Communications of Mississauga, ON. These two market leaders have combined forces to provide unapparelled performance, customer experience and reliability by integrating XipLink XipOS optimization software into the Galaxy Multi-Satellite, Microwave and LTE Hybrid Networks.

Galaxy is Canada’s premier remote communications specialist supplying leading industries with WAN, LAN, Point to Point microwave and VoIP over satellite; including PBX services, Firewall and managed services, all integrated through their Network Operations Center and Teleport in Mississauga, ON.

“Since embedding XipLink’s virtual software into our servers, our customers are seeing increases of 30% more uplink capacity, plus 3 times faster downloads” states James Derwinsky, COO of Galaxy Broadband Communications. “We are impressed with the affordability and performance improvement our customers are experiencing. Our ability to integrate XipLink software into current solutions dramatically contributes to the ROI for our clients using Accelerator Pro Service. Integrating the XipLink technology into our networks is a game changer!” comments Derwinsky.

XipLink compliments and enhances Galaxy’s already superior communication services with WAN acceleration and optimization to provide their customers in remote, sometimes, extreme remote locations, the same voice and data service they have come to expect in their home or office. “XipLink is excited about this new relationship that will expand our distribution, exposure and customer base across Canada,” says Jack Waters, CEO, XipLink. “XipOS offers multi-layer compression, acceleration and QoS for all HTTP/TCP/UDP or any IP traffic type so will benefit all of Galaxy’s customers that align perfectly to our core markets,” Waters added.

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