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NSSLGlobal joins UKSpace to help grow the industry

NSSLGlobal joins UKSpace to help grow the industry

Global satcom and IT solutions provider, NSSLGlobal, has joined UKSpace, the trade association of Britain’s growing space industry.

UKSpace represents both the “upstream” and “downstream” space sectors. The trade association is at the forefront of the UK space community and in promoting the industry and working with the UK Space Agency, across Government, into Europe and globally.

NSSLGlobal has more than 50 years’ experience in delivering services to a growing customer base at sea, on land and also in the air. It has offices and capabilities across the globe, and works in partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA) on pioneering technology, and has delivered numerous secure SatLink® networks for NATO countries. It has 40 years experience in delivering communications to the UK Ministry of Defence, and works with many companies in the UK and across Europe.

Neil Fraser, Director of Defence and Space Programmes at NSSLGlobal, comments: “This is a key period for the industry, with Brexit taking place and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are both challenges and opportunities. However, what is clear is that space is firmly on the national agenda with developments in space launch, investment in satellite test facilities and more support from the Government for the industry. There is a growing importance in of the space environment, and also growing challenges and UKSpace provides a forum to discuss these.

NSSLGlobal bring commercial services and products into the arena with hybrid communications networks also a developing theme, where the choice and resilience benefits of allowing systems and applications to utilise multiple bearers whether satellite or otherwise and including an evolving role in 5G, could bring much to customers.

“With national thoughts also developing around what the UK Global Navigation Satellite System programme becomes, major defence reviews underway and growth of the UK Space Operations Centre, there is much to do for the UK’s space sector. In joining UKSpace, we now look forward to contributing directly as part of this community.”

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