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Now available - NSR's flat panel satellite antennas, 5th edition

Now available - NSR's flat panel satellite antennas, 5th edition

NSR’s Flat Panel Satellite Antennas, 5th Edition (FPA5), is the ONLY resource detailing the market progress and opportunity for low-profile satcom antennas. This market includes mechanically- and electronically-steered, typically phased array antennas, which are seen as critical for NGSO constellations and supplementary for the development of next-generation terminals. This report provides an update on the business and technological development of FPA equipment, and of each manufacturer, as well as an assessment of current and forecasted opportunities for shipped equipment in all applicable verticals and regions.

NSR’s FPA5 report is segmented by two core applications, Broadband Mobility and Fixed Applications. Mobility is further categorized by three vertical markets: Aeronautical, Maritime, and Land-mobile, for both commercial and government players, while Fixed Applications includes Broadband (Consumer and Enterprise) and Backhaul.

Now available - NSR's flat panel satellite antennas, 5th edition

In addition, NSR’s FPA5 forecasts the market by shipped units, in-service units, and equipment revenues across 5 continental, and 3 oceanic, regions, as applicable. The Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of prominent satellite FPA manufacturers, investment, key partnerships, and targeted verticals, are also qualitatively assessed in this report. Finally, this report further provides analysis regarding the requirements and considerations for FPA equipment, as well as the market penetration, by vertical.

NSR’s leadership in HTS markets serves as the foundation for this report, which is the only market report on the FPA industry, touching on almost every aspect of the satellite industry research conducted by NSR.

Now available - NSR's flat panel satellite antennas, 5th edition

The report answers critical questions regarding the Flat Panel Antenna market:

  • What is the impact of COVID-19 on the FPA market?

  • What do the exits of Phasor, LeoSat, and OneWeb mean for the FPA opportunity?

  • Which verticals will demonstrate the greatest FPA market penetration?

  • What will be the FPA market size in the next 10 years?

  • Who are the main FPA manufacturers?

  • How will equipment pricing evolve by FPA type

  • When will the market hit an inflection point and FPAs will deliver on cost and performance requirements across each key market?

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