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Space Forum & ICT Spring to address cybersecurity, supply chain, fintech and AI

Space Forum & ICT Spring to address cybersecurity, supply chain, fintech and AI

In Brazil, the NewSpace wave is taking shape. ALYA Nanosatellites - a pioneering Brazilian NewSpace start-up – aims at monitoring the Brazilian coast, rivers, forests and providing reliable and accessible data.

Mrs Aila Raquel, CEO of ALYA Nanosatellites, will speak online at the Space Forum on Wednesday, Sept 16, 2020 about Space Sector for Sustainable Growth in Brazil.

ALYA Nanosatellites services will consist in providing hyperspectral images and ground station services to help the development of industries and support environmental protection and actions in Brazil and beyond. ALYA Nanosatellites is currently looking for its latest partners in Brazil and around the world in order to be operational by the end of 2021.

Despite a complicated post Covid period, Mrs Aila Raquel explains why it is so important to contact and talk with the European NewSpace players in Luxembourg: In a developing country like Brazil, it is very difficult to find partners or investors who can provide technological or financial support to startups in the Space sector. By looking for global allies and creating high-tech solutions, we will be guaranteeing the development of a solid company, which will be able to implement many solutions for the resumption of the development of our country after the pandemic.

ALYA Nanosatellites was created in March 2019 and incorporated in October 2019. The start-up ALYA plans to launch two nanosatellites of 5 kgs in 2021.

ALYA Nanosatellites will generate High-tech hyperspectral images, captured by mini-camera devices placed on nanosatellites, whose strategically calculated routes optimizes the orbit and reach over the Brazilian territory.

The start-up ALYA has signed a MoU with DCTA (Technological and Science Department of Brazilian Air Force) in order to receive teams training orbit simulation and use the antennas as a backup in the near future. ALYA Nanosatellites also benefits from the support of AEB (Agência Espacial Brasileira). AYLA Nanosatellites has therefore established 2 partnerships with important aerospace actors in Brazil, these partnerships will be the national roots of the ALYA project.

The subjects and activities are gigantic, notably when it comes to monitoring and operating data of tropical forests, rivers, Atlantic ocean and its immense coastline, smart-Farm sector in Brazil with Earth sensors, etc.

A first international partner to quickly become planetary. Tianlian ST is ALYA Nanosatellites' first partner in setting up a first ground station at a very strategic location in Brazil, at Tucano, state of Bahia.

By the end of 2021, ALYA Nanosatellites will be able to control all activities of satellites data operations, processing, tracking, telemetry in this great region.

Mrs Tracy Jiao, Vice President of TIANLIAN ST (China), tells us more about this partnership and her company’s commitment; Nanosatellite and microsatellite has become a more and more important role in low orbit satellite constellations. While Tianlian ST are engaged in “enable” excellent space enterprises just like ALYA Nanosatellites to have the ability to manage their own satellites by sharing the Tianlian ground supporting system.

As you can see, an important driving force behind this initiative is powered by two women, Mrs Aila Raquel and Mrs Tracy Jiao. This collaboration between the two women leaders from Brazil and China is the first step towards the realization of this bold and visionary project, joining forces with the purpose of solving great problems of Humanity.

Space Forum & ICT Spring 2020 has invited ALYA Nanosatellites in order to showcase how a Brazilian NewSpace start-up is able to act and improve international collaboration.

ALYA’s project for a Ground Station Center in Tucano – Bahia do Brasil

AYLA Nanosatellites, it is also a team of professionals at work :

Mr Osamu Saotome is CTO of ALYA Nanosatellites and professor in the Electronic Engineering Division at Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica (ITA). Osamu got his bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering in 1974 issued Instituto Tecnologico de Aeronautica – ITA.

Mr Sulal Mehmood is COO of ALYA Nanosatellites, bilingual network operations engineer, from Pakistan, with specific experience in Satcom and Space industry.

Mr Francisco Campos da Costa is CLO of ALYA Nanosatellites and a Brazilian lawyer active in Environmental, Maritime and Space laws, specialist of national and international trade.

Mrs Aila Raquel, CEO of ALYA Nanosatellites, Architect, urbanist and natural planner. Her purpose is to give opportunity to people with a high capacity to solve complex problems for solutions of our daily lives. Just as she designed technological centers, she has created ALYA Nanosatellites, a safe environment to combine academy and business.

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