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StreetDrone unlocks autonomous vehicles with ground-breaking subscription service

StreetDrone, the pioneering autonomous technology company, is breaking yet more new ground to make self-driving solutions affordable and accessible by launching the world’s first subscription-based self-driving software solution.

Enterprise ASLAN is expressly aimed at companies with an interest in low-speed autonomous applications that require deployment in short timeframes. Removing the need for large capital investments in software by offering the industry’s first subscription solution, Enterprise ASLAN is focused on aligning the costs of operation with the savings realised through driverless operations for business.

StreetDrone unlocks autonomous vehicles with ground-breaking subscription service

Enterprise ASLAN is intended to provide a comprehensive software solution for low-speed environments including last-mile deliveries, campus transport, ports and quayside freighting, bus and coach depot movements, car park management, airside support services, urban passenger transport & contactless medicine deliveries.

In addition to reducing software costs with monthly subscription terms and shifting the financial focus for businesses from risky capital investment to operating expenditure, Enterprise ASLAN also provides commercial flexibility through access to StreetDrone’s expert engineering capability to help design applications for use in specific markets and environments. This removes the need for customers to invest in technical expertise and focus instead on the commercial realisation of the benefits of autonomous solutions.

The pre-compiled software stack is platform-agnostic, which removes the need for specific hardware platform investment and operates through a user-friendly GUI that dispenses with the need for operators to have specific coding or engineering capabilities. Moreover, Enterprise ASLAN is capable of running on any vehicle and is not tied exclusively to StreetDrone vehicles.

The Enterprise ASLAN package also includes a range of training modules to allow businesses to progressively grow in-house capability to suit their specific commercial needs, including safety driver as well as software engineering training.

Mike Potts, StreetDrone’s CEO said, “Enterprise ASLAN is our next step in the mission to bring autonomy in reach of any business for whom autonomous technology might be a game changer in their market,” he said.

“Many businesses simply don’t contemplate driverless solutions as they are terrified by the costs and the lack of options in the marketplace. So we’ve set about addressing that from a customer perspective by making the costs lower and amortisable. We’ve removed the need for specialist hardware platforms and vehicles and indeed the need to commit to hiring engineers. If a customer’s solution grows and they want to bring the expertise in-house, then Enterprise ASLAN provides a training platform to transfer that knowledge,” Potts added.

StreetDrone have pioneered a number of industry firsts focused on realising the benefits of autonomous vehicles faster, easier and more safely, including the first trials of an autonomous vehicle using open-source software on the public highway. StreetDrone is also a founder member of Project ASLAN, the organisation behind the globally renown open-source software stack.

StreetDrone unlocks autonomous vehicles with ground-breaking subscription service

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