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35 Candles and over 50 Space Missions for SPACEBEL

Belgian company SPACEBEL is celebrating its thirty-fifth anniversary.

Launched into orbit in 1988 to support the ambitions of Europe, and Belgium in particular, in Space, SPACEBEL quickly established a solid reputation in the Space and Earth observation applications sector thanks to its innovative software solutions. Drawing on its cross-disciplinary engineering activities at all levels of the Space industry, the Belgian company designs and develops software for various types of Space infrastructure:

  • On-board flight control software for satellites and Space vehicles

  • Ground systems for mission and control centres

  • Satellite simulation and modelling tools

  • Space data access systems

Throughout its existence, SPACEBEL has also built up an expertise of excellence in Space applications: our Earth observation services for forestry, agriculture, ground movement and natural resources management help decision-makers around the world to protect and improve ecosystems.

In 35 years, the company has brought its know-how to the success of more than 50 international Space missions aimed at a deeper understanding of the Universe and our planet Earth. Today, many spacecraft fly around the Earth using SPACEBEL software. Its track record includes the Columbus module of the International Space Station, the SPOT, Pleiades, CSO and EarthCARE Earth observation satellites, the Altius ozone layer watcher “Made in Belgium”, the series of Proba microsatellites and Proteus satellites, the Vega launcher and Space Rider shuttle, the scientific GAIA and more recent Euclid satellites – the latter intended for studying dark energy – and the Hera planetary defence mission.

Another highlight was the opening, 5 years ago, of 500 m² of ISO 5 & ISO 7 clean rooms at the SPACEBEL headquarters in Liège, which clearly represent a significant asset for this key player in the Space industry.

In this jubilee year, SPACEBEL employs over one hundred and ten people across four sites, in Liège, Hoeilaart, Toulouse and Warsaw. To sustain its dynamic development, the company is constantly on the lookout for new talent motivated to co-write the future chapters of its Space ambitions...

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