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4GD expands SmartFacility with two new product launches

Close-combat immersive specialist 4GD announces the launch of two new products, ECFECTUS and ACIES, expanding their SmartFacility urban training solution.

The 4GD SmartFacility combines reactive smart targetry, the 4GAV special effects suite and reconfigurable SimWall; all wirelessly connected to deliver the highest quality training with the maximum flexibility. The new solutions will expand the system’s capabilities, combining data analysis and integrated reality elements to enable users to train more effectively.

ECFECTUS is a tactical performance data collection and analysis system that collates data from soldier and weapon and SmartFacility sensors. At the individual soldier level the solution will draw data from eye, biometric, personnel and weapon sensors. When combined with data from 4GD smart target – also known as SimStriker -, ECFECTUS aggregates the data to provide feedback on training mission lethality, survivability, mobility and sustainability.

This feedback enables commanders to chart an individual and collective performance over time and provide targeted advice on improvement. As the SmartFacility is a fully controllable environment, scenarios can be repeatedly run to objectively test and compare different units and track progress over time.

ACIES is an integrated reality system that introduces the synthetic world to the physical SmartFacility environment. Trainees can use operational hardware interfaces to interact with virtual assets that it would otherwise not be possible to integrate. For example, soldiers can use dismounted situational awareness devices to interface with virtual drone feeds to train for different scenario outcomes, with actions taken in the virtual world having an effect in the real world and vice versa.

ACIES also draws data from ECFECTUS to ensure the simulation stays true to the activity taking place in the SmartFacility. Using the example above, soldier avatars in a drone feed match the movement of troops in the physical facility.

ACIES can also be used to interface with other synthetic trainers; and the adaptability of the system means scene culture - such as streets, gardens or court yards - can be replicated inside the SmartFacility for optimised training that closely reflects real world environments, and meaningful use of ISTAR and similar assets.

“We continue to develop the SmartFacility urban training environment around the theme of supporting decentralised training, with the intelligence and adaptability of the facility meaning we can make training varied and challenging from individual locations” James Crowley, Business Development Director, 4GD, said. “These locations, be they in a training camp or garrison, can then provide endless opportunities for training in an adaptable environment that is simple to use in order to empower trainees and junior commanders.”


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