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Intersputnik International celebrates 50 years of international cooperation in space

15 November 2021 marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Intersputnik International Organization of Space Communications. With its status of an intergovernmental organization, Intersputnik unites 26 member countries on various continents. At present, Intersputnik is a global satellite communications ecosystem that connects people around the world and offers opportunities of economic, social and cultural development using the latest space and infocommunication technologies.

The basis of Intersputnik’s activities is its unique status of an intergovernmental organization, which helps implement satellite communications projects of any complexity in close cooperation with partners all over the world while leveraging the resources of international and domestic satellite operators, as well as teleports and terrestrial telecommunications infrastructure on all continents. Evolving towards a global virtual network operator (VNO) model, the ecosystem of Intersputnik includes resources of satellite constellations in different orbits, ground communications networks and teleports in various regions of the world, a wide range of technologies, as well as highly qualified engineering, legal and sales staff. This ecosystem gives Intersputnik’s partners access to cutting-edge applications, services and high-tech solutions.

“The principles of respect for sovereignty, independence, equality and international cooperation laid down at the of Intersputnik’s foundation, remain relevant and, at the turn of the 50th anniversary of the organization, keep Intersputnik attractive to our esteemed Members and Signatories” - notes Ksenia Drozdova, Intersputnik’s Director General. “Responding to the current challenges, Intersputnik is adding today new items to its development agenda: sustainable use of space and space debris mitigation, humanistic aspects of technological development and green economy, bridging the digital divide, as well as providing connectivity to all people on our planet, etc.

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