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AAC Clyde Space receives SEK 8.8 M satellite order

AAC Clyde Space receives SEK 8.8 M satellite order

AAC Clyde Space has received an order for a new satellite, Amber™ Phoenix, from Reading-based Horizon Technologies in the UK. The total order value is GBP 645,000 (approx. SEK 8.8 million), which Horizon Technologies partially finances by a grant from the UK Space Agency. The UKSA grant was recently awarded to Horizon Technologies supported by its partner KISPE.

The new Amber™ satellite will replace the IOD-3 satellite lost at launch in January 2023. It is expected to be delivered during Q3 2024.

The cutting-edge satellite is designed for an Earth Observation (RF) / SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) mission and will carry a payload developed by Horizon Technologies. Horizon Technologies is also the end user, and the Amber™ constellation will be dedicated to collecting Maritime Awareness Intelligence Data and detecting "dark vessels" such as those evading sanctions, people-smuggling, or fishing illegally. It is highly integrated and utilises in-built precision engineered avionics from AAC Clyde Space's widely used subsystems.


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