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AAC Clyde Space selected by Wyvern as the intended supplier of Space Data as a Service

AAC Clyde Space has been awarded a 60 kGBP (approx. 0.7 MSEK) contract with the Canadian Earth observation company Wyvern Inc. to secure a launch of 3 satellites into orbit in 2022. The contract precedes an intended agreement for hyperspectral data delivery expected to be finalised during Q2, 2021.

Under the comprehensive agreement, AAC Clyde Space will design, manufacture and own three 6U EPIC satellites equipped with a hyperspectral payload, while Wyvern Inc. will commit to subscribe to the data service. The agreement is dependent on Wyvern Inc. finalising ongoing client negotiations.

Wyvern Inc. will deliver the data for agriculture, forestry management, environmental monitoring, and other areas. The satellites will deliver hyperspectral images, a method for capturing data of Earth across more color bands, providing much more information than the three main bands the human eye captures. Wyvern Inc. will first offer the data to the agriculture sector where it will help optimize yield, detect changes in soil makeup, and detect invasive plants and pests.