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Above: Space advances propulsion System for 2024 free flying orbital mission

Above: Space Development announced the successful test of its proprietary propulsion control system for its Prometheus free-flying orbital mission by Q4 2024. All tests performed as expected.


The scalable Prometheus will include three regulated voltage rails and up to 29W of continuous power. It will also feature an integrated thermal control system, bus Integration and up/down links for communications and data.


"Together with our test partner at NASA, Above: Space successfully validated our proprietary propulsion system which will be used to maneuver our 150U Prometheus payload platform next year," says Rhonda Stevenson, chief executive officer of Above: Space. "We plan to be the first mission to offer stabilized micro-g and dynamic environments and already have significant demand from commercial customers in our mission."


The tests were conducted at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Flat Floor Facility in Huntsville on a specially designed flat surface which allows objects to glide across a frictionless cushion of air. In the past, the facility has been used for construction of space shuttles and other space technologies.


Microgravity environments are also being seen as important and productive environment for manufacturing pharmaceuticals, thin films as well as for defense as the U.S. continues to develop its military capabilities in space.

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