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Above Space Development Corporation announces new Umbrella Space Act Agreement with NASA

Above Space Development Corporation has signed an Umbrella Space Act Agreement (SAA) with NASA.

This SAA agreement with NASA provides Above with access to facilities and support for systems testing, technology and tools. The SAA has a five-year duration and includes collaboration on multiple technologies that Above is developing for commercial, civil and government customers.

"Our new Umbrella Space Act Agreement with NASA will enable Above to test and validate its software, technology and components that could be used in future cislunar space stations and near-term launch projects," says Rhonda Stevenson, Chief Executive Officer and President of Above. "This will bolster our competitive industry position along with our two major SBIR contracts to develop a platform for ground to orbit energy receivers and in-space manufacturing of lightweight, thin-film solar photovoltaics (PV)."

As part of the collaboration, Above will provide NASA with insight on its technology and innovation in hybrid, and microgravity initiatives. One of the test locations that Above will collaborate with includes the flat floor facility at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. This facility offers an almost perfectly flat surface which allows objects can move across it on a near frictionless cushion of air. Companies like Above Space collaborate with NASA MSFC's facility to test their space engineering technologies in the same facility where NASA space shuttles and other space technologies have been validated.

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