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Alpha Space and MEI Technologies to merge

Commercial space company Alpha Space Test and Research Alliance (Alpha Space) and technology/defense company MEI Technologies, Inc. (MEIT) have announced their plan to form a single integrated business offering an unrivaled range of cutting-edge commercial space services, technology and engineering services, and products to the space and defense industries.

"The space industry is changing fast,” said Stephanie Murphy, Principal Owner of MEIT and Alpha Space. “Combining the companies allows us to blend the best of our commercial space practices with our traditional civil and military space expertise to create greater capability and value for all of our customers as well as exciting growth opportunities for our employees.”

Murphy has named Mark Gittleman as the CEO of the new enterprise. Gittleman has served as the CEO of Alpha Space for the past three years, where he diversified its portfolio from a base of commercial testing services on the International Space Station (with Alpha Space’s MISSE system) to lunar system development and lunar testing missions. He brings extensive aerospace and commercial space experience and leadership to the new enterprise.

Gittleman said, “Combining the talents of the people in these two companies enables the new enterprise to deliver even more reliable engineering, cyber and technical services, space hardware products, and commercial space services all under one woman-owned roof. This combination makes us one of the most unique companies in the rapidly evolving commercial space industry, and we think our customers will be as excited about it as we are."

The merger is expected to be completed by the end of August, 2021. Both companies will continue to operate independently until then.


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