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Anuvu announces high performance MicroGEO satellite constellation

Anuvu, the leading provider of high-speed connectivity and entertainment solutions for demanding worldwide mobility markets, will launch the first Anuvu Constellation in partnership with next-generation satellite manufacturer Astranis. Anuvu and Silicon Valley-based Astranis are targeting launch for the first two MicroGEO high throughput satellites (HTS) in early 2023, with six more to follow.

At one meter cubed and under 400kg, Astranis satellites can be built in months, not years. Both satellites of the Anuvu Constellation are dedicated to Anuvu’s aviation and maritime customers and will provide high-performance connectivity over North America and the Caribbean.

“We aim to expand our connectivity network in a way that is scalable and agile for our mobility customers,” says Josh Marks, CEO, Anuvu. “Astranis and its MicroGEO satellites will offer Anuvu customers freedom from decades-long contracts or outdated legacy systems. Most significantly, they are quick to market, have a mission life of seven to ten years, and can be controlled and updated from the ground, enabling our mobility clients to pivot their business model as new technology is introduced.”

“The world’s demand for connectivity is insatiable,” says John Gedmark, CEO, Astranis. “Our MicroGEO satellites offer affordable, dedicated connectivity that can be built and deployed quickly. We are excited to kick off a long-term partnership with Anuvu, and believe that this model will help customers like Anuvu provide next-generation services all over the world.”

The Anuvu Constellation will complement the company’s existing connectivity infrastructure and provide a hybrid network across orbits that delivers optimized solutions to customers.

“The Anuvu Constellation continues the expansion of our layered capacity model and lays the groundwork for a global hybrid network that will include GEO, LEO, and MicroGEO capacity,” continues Marks. “The satellite world needs to move faster, and our fully managed, vertically integrated and rapidly scalable solution gives our clients the connectivity they need today and in the years to come.”